Thousand Island Dressing 455 g


Thousand Island Dressing is one of the most popular dressings in the world. Its original recipe was designed in the USA and its name comes from the name of the region located on the border of the USA and Canada. The dressing itself is a unique combination of red bell pepper, spices and cream. Its delicate flavour makes it a perfect addition to sea food, fresh vegetables and salads. Free from preservatives, available in 455 g and 965 g squeeze bottles.

69 kcal 3%
6,6 g 9%
On 100g 15g
Calories 345 kcal 69 kcal
Energy 1424 kJ 285 kJ
Protein 1,2 g <0,5 g
Carbohydrates 11 g 2,2 g
Fat 33 g 6,6 g

sunflower oil (30%), water, sour cream, sugar, tomato concentrate, red pickled paprika (paprika, water, spirit vinegar, sugar, salt), spirit vinegar, egg yolk (2,8%), mustard (water, spirit vinegar, mustard seeds, sugar, salt), dried chive, spice, concentrate (safflower and lemon), concentrate (radish, carrot and blackcurrant), lemon juice concentrate, salt, modified starch, stabilizer: xanthan gum; antioxidant: E 385.

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